Australia’s first paper water bottle ‘Do Water’

Just imagine how happy we were to discover a project that not only makes a positive change to the planet but involves paper too. Yup, that’s right. The winning duo – paper and doing good. Enter Do Water, the makers of Australia’s first paper water bottle. We had the pleasure of speaking to Antony Simmons, one of the products creators about the project and how on this wide, brown Earth of ours it came to be. Antony explains: “The idea first came about from sheer frustration of having no other option but plastic water bottles at venues and events.”


Unable to find an answer in Australia they looked everywhere and discovered the solution in Italy. The bottle is manufactured by Tetra Pak and the packaging is called the Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton, a unique 8-sided pack made from FSC certified renewable material and recyclable paperboard and printed on a flexo machine powered by 100% green energy using water based inks. Here’s the best part, the water is collected directly from an artesian spring in Italy and pumped via a machine into the Aseptic (sterile) packaging. This specialised process ensures the water remains pure – unexposed to light, air or human contact. Incredible!

The clever branding for Do Water was created by Projects of Imagination. The graphics include facts about the product and positive affirmations designed to encourage people to do positive things like the ‘Smiling Mind’ app which promotes easy daily meditation.

So not only does Do Water offer people an alternative to plastic that they can feel good about, it passes on the positive vibe to do good! We love it. Antony is incredibly passionate about the product: “We aren’t suggesting we can save the world, but we’d like people to feel better about the choices they make while living in it, whether from a paper water bottle or supporting others trying to change things for the better.” Well, you’ve got our vote if you ever want to run for parliament!

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