Cleveland & Co property brochure by Hoyne

Title: Cleveland & Co residential and commercial precinct
Stocks: Doggett Boxboard and Impact
Printing specs: Offset printed
Printed by: Green and Gold (NSW)

Hoyne recently designed the property campaign for ‘Cleveland & Co’, a restoration of two historic warehouses in Sydney’s Redfern, into one flagship residential and commercial precinct. The campaign heroes the art deco aspects of the building, combining it with some 21st century styling that takes the modern industrial look to a whole new level.

The brochure features a Doggett Boxboard 310gsm cover to reflect the buildings historical roots as a manufacturing and warehouse space, with red foil as a nod towards its recent premium renovation. The text pages are printed on Impact 100% Recycled 150gsm. The natural, uncoated surface of the stock really highlights the simple, clean shapes and stylised imagery of the incredible Art Deco illustrations created by commissioned artist, Matt Johnson.

Hoyne shares: “The old buildings had a fascinating pattern of use across two significant centuries, their structures have got real character and a unique spirit. What they needed was a confident, progressive campaign with panache.” And that’s exactly what Hoyne delivered.






Bondi Whiteback, our newest packaging grade

To announce the release of Bondi Whiteback, our newest packaging grade, we released two A5 postcards. One was printed offset and the other digital on a HP Indigo 7500. The image is a cracker and happens to be a custom illustration of a Doggett’s NSW staff member!

Bondi is an economical alternative and sits between our Simcote and Barry Bleach boards regarding price. A high white folding bleach board, it’s FSC certified, has a clay coating on one side and a lick coating on the other (this means the coating is not not as heavy on the back). It’s also food contact approved to ISEGA standards (the European version of FDA), which is excellent to know if you’re going wrap it around some chocolate. If you are, best send some to us.

Bondi Whiteback is ideal for cosmetic packaging, point of sale, postcards/greeting cards. Since releasing it, we’ve also seen it used for confectionery packets and pharmaceutical products.

Call John Alipan (National) 0434 692 446 or Chris Churchward (NSW) 0488 440 131 if you want to know more about any of our packaging stocks.



Our revamped packaging swatch

We don’t normally talk-up our swatches but the packaging swatch warrants some air time. In a few years we have grown our portfolio of packaging products from only a handful to now 13. We’ve added new products and weights that provides our customers with a lot more choices and flexibility to ensure they can find what they need.


The revamped swatch, developed for customers that work in the packaging arena or do board work, now includes tabbed sections for each product including stock availability, applications and logos. A good variety of our different grammages are featured too, with the all important measurement (ums) also listed.

We have all of the faves in there like Barry and Buffalo Board, alongside packaging products that didn’t appear in the original swatch like Beer Matt Board (great for letterpress jobs) and Enviro Board. Plus some newbies like Bondi Whiteback (economical, high white economical folding bleach board) and Printkote Ovenable Board (good for freezer-to-oven applications). All the stocks included in the new swatch are:

Barry Bleach Board
– Bondi Whiteback
– Hercules Greyback
– Chill Board
– Buffalo Kraft & Buffalo Board
– Printkote PE
– Printkote Ovenable
– Imported Manilla Board
– Beer Matt Board
– Doggett Boxboard
– Enviro Board


With our packaging products appearing on supermarket and chemist shelves, to famous chocolate store wrappers, fashion label swing tags, covers of real estate brochures, eco product catalogues and greeting cards, there’s an endless stream of things to get excited about. Paper, we love it.



White ink goes with PS Creative

Title: PS Creative white ink printed pieces
Agency: PS Creative
Stocks: Skin Curious Collection and Buffalo Board
Printing specs: Digitally printed with white ink
Printed by: PS Creative QLD

PS Creative specialises in white ink digital printing. Located in lovely Wynnum in Queensland, the boutique creative agency does lots of business cards, menus and wedding/event stationery. Their latest two jobs – a café menu and self-promotional card showcases their craft.

The menu, printed on Skin Curious Collection Mocha 270gsm was a job they got to work on after PS Creative approached the café to redesign their menu, showing them examples of what white ink can do. Daily wear and tear, some maple syrup and a car tyre (yup, one literally blew onto the road and a car ran over it)! later, these menus are still holding up. As Phil Sargeson from PS Creative explains: “The owners of the cafe wanted something completely different and long lasting, that’s when I contacted Corinne (our paper rep) to see if the Skin range would suit. The café have had really great comments on them.”


This set of images relates to their A6 self-promotional card. It’s printed full CYMK with white ink on Buffalo Board 332gsm, chosen for its natural/recycled look. Phil said to us: “I love the way the ink fuses with the board which gives the print a rustic vintage look – great for wedding invitation sets, but not just limited to that. We are now printing our own business cards on this stock and also a small handful of others to our clients.” Bring on the white ink we say! Have a read of an article we wrote on the process a couple of years ago for some hints and tips.

And if you happen to be a graphic designer, letterpress studio, agency or invitation designer, then PS Creative can offer you trade pricing. Get in contact with them by calling 0411 6333 22 or



All good things come in small, colourful packages

Title: 2013 packaging promotions
Seesaw (VIC)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Chill Board / Hercules Greyback
Printed by: Colna (boxes and coloured pad squares), Avon (foiling), Pala’s Print (pad squares with one colour print). All suppliers in VIC.

Thinking outside the box (gotta love a pun!), was the premise for the creation of these clever little stackable boxes. We thought it was about time to put some attention on our portfolio of packaging products so Chill Board and Hercules Greyback are the first to feature in this new look, developed by our friends at Seesaw.

The aim was to create promotions that were functional, fun and memorable. Something that wouldn’t be thrown into the (shock horror) bin when the rep leaves the building. It was important to create something unique yet complementary so we could add other packaging products to the suite down the track.


We like to have a bit of fun here at Doggett’s and Seesaw does too. The bold, colourful graphic patterns are a real stand-out. When Seesaw suggested a pad of samples to make the piece memorable and functional we thought: ‘Yeah for sure’ and they really had us at: ‘Let’s put a fortune cookie in the box’. They developed an icon for each so a snowflake for Chill Board, pointing to its freezer qualities and an anvil for Hercules Greyback, reflecting the strength of this particular product.

The first few pages of the pad, which acts as a mini swatch of sorts, talks about the features and benefits of the product and the remainder is a sample sheet from each grammage in the range. The idea is for our customer to be able to tear them off when visiting their client. Once again, clever.

The cookies include an assortment of five fortunes that are related to the benefits of each product. Chosen to fit in with the respective colour palettes and the products, we chose mint (green) for Chill Board and a banana (yellow) for Hercules Greyback. The sayings are the best like the ‘Freeze me baby one more time’ and ‘I want to pop your colour’ for Chill Board and ‘I give good stiffness’ and ‘Lean on me when you’re not strong’ for Hercules Greyback. It may just be us and our need for a holiday but we think they’re a crack up!

Speak to your paper specialist or account manager for a copy of the promotion if you haven’t already seen it. And if you ever have any specific packaging related questions, contact our business development manager John Alipan. He’s like a guru of packaging and even wears kaftans and burns incense in the office. Ok, so maybe not the last part but it would be great to see a kaftan around the office.

Applications (Hercules Greyback): All the necessities in your life, the ones you can’t do without – biscuits, nails, toiletries, tissues, soup, cereal, washing detergent and pharmacy products. Oh and popcorn too.

Applications (Chill Board): Only the most delicious things in life like ice cream, pizza, beer, frozen berries and pies.  Oh, and pretty cosmetics too.

Stock specs: Boxes and coloured pad squares – Hercules Greyback 350gsm and Chill Board 361gsm. Rest of the pads represent each grammage in the range.

Print specs: Boxes are offset printed with four PMS colours (PMS 333, PMS 102, PMS 1788, Warm Grey 11) plus some stipples. UV gloss varnish on boxes only. Grey squares warm grey 11 printed with a rubber stereo. Foils – silver confetti (Chill Board) and 098 red (Hercules Greyback).





Sukin organic skin care

Title: Sukin organic skin care
Stocks: Buffalo Board
Printed by: Press Print Digital (VIC)

You may recall the article we featured in the last issue of Fetch about white ink (search for HP ElectroInk). Well, check out this cool print sample we’ve just seen! The packaging was created by Jayden Zernich, Senior Graphic Designer at Sukin and printed digitally on Buffalo Board 272gsm.


Sukin is an organic, wholesome, Australian made skincare range. To complement this message, Jayden chose to work with Buffalo Board. He also knew that its unrefined nature would contrast perfectly with white ink. By using custom water colours, Jayden felt that this would maintain the organic look and feel on the outside of the box and also match the product within. The range includes three separate packs, so he played with colour to differentiate the various face care products. To distinguish between the curves created from the water colour treatment and still achieve a strong impact, he incorporated a structured, almost geometric typeface. The result is a unique, softened colour dynamic between ink and paper.

The packaging suite was printed on an HP Indigo press at Press Print Digital (VIC). Jayden mentioned to us that he chose to do this job digitally eliminating the need for plates which are required for offset printing or white foiling. We seriously love the result. It was such an ‘Ooooooo’ moment in the office when the sample came in. The colours are really vibrant in the flesh and we love to see Buffalo Board wrapped around such a primo product. Christmas shopping at Sukin, anyone?




Lovebird candles

Title: Lovebird Candle boxes
Agency: The Design Den (VIC)
Client: Lovebird Candles
Stocks: Buffalo Board / Knight – Smooth
Printed by: Taylor’d Press (VIC)

The Design Den have a strong background in fashion and luxury packaging design as well as brand development. The brief was a tall order – Lovebird Candles wanted their packaging to stand out in small designer homeware stores but equally shine when shelved in larger, boutique stores. The box needed to appeal to gift buyers and be a reasonable unit price. The Design Den definitely had their work cut out for them!

Each candle is made from 100% soy wax so in order to convey the luxury, handmade natural product, the design needed to allow this natural aspect to shine through. Buffalo Board was chosen for the boxes because of  the contrast between the warm stock and the copper metallic foil. The business cards are printed on Knight Smooth – White 400gsm, 4 colour on one side and copper foiled on the other also. The Design Den had their concerns about how the foiled dot screen would hold up and which side to print on (Buffalo Board does have slightly different textures from one side to the other). Diana Taranto from The Design Den explained how it all went: “Despite these initial concerns, the boxes came up a treat and both us and Lovebird Candles were really happy. And they already have stockists interstate now. Happy client means The Design Den is happy!”




ecoChici wraps

Title: ecoChici wraps
Agency: Amy Lewis Design (VIC)
Stocks: Buffalo Board
Printed by: Madman Printing (VIC)

Recently launched label ecoChici is inspired by Furoshiki, the Japanese art of cloth wrapping. It’s gorgeous, easy-to-use and versatile. Amy Lewis Design is behind the packaging and product design. The team have created a suite of purposefully timeless designs that reflect a design aesthetic which influences everything from the textiles through to the branding and packaging. Check out those super cute ribbon clips in picture no.3, wrapped around our trusty Buffalo Board.


Even better, ecoChici, founded this year by Phil and Amy Lewis, is designed and made in Australia. Most of the production is carried out by a not-for-profit organisation, Radius, whose vision is to provide work opportunities for people with disabilities. Maintaining their ‘use less’ principles, Buffalo Board 280gsm was chosen to package the re-usable wraps. Printed offset with 1 spot colour, we think the contrast of the stock against the beautiful designs is right on the money. On that note, the wrap is good enough to be a gift so that’s a double bonus in our books!

Amy Lewis spoke to us about using Buffalo Board: “Taking a minimalist approach to packaging means the stock needed to have maximum visual impact. Buffalo Board looks and feels great to hold.  It’s an unbleached stock which perfectly complements our unbleached cotton products. It contains recycled content and we were also impressed with the environmental innovations implemented by the paper mill.” Buffalo Board was also used for the gift tags included in the pack and company business cards.

You can visit the official ecoChici website if you’d like one (or many) of these gorgeous wraps for yourself. We like gifts (hint hint), in case you’re wondering who you can buy an ecoChici wrap for!





McClelland Sculpture Gallery exhibition books

Title: McClelland Sculpture Gallery exhibition books Agency: David Lancashire Design Stocks: Barry Bleach Board / Grange Offset / HannoArt – Satin Printed by: Mercedes Waratah (VIC) Renowned for its outstanding collection of outdoor sculptures and innovative exhibition programs, McClleland Gallery and Sculpture Park is located within 16 hectares of bush and landscaped gardens on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. David Lancashire Design (DLD) in Melbourne have worked with the gallery since 2006 and more recently, they’ve been busy designing and art directing the exhibition catalogues and print collateral using HannoArt – Satin and Grange Offset as their chosen stocks. Sculpture_2 DLD work closely with both curators and artists when producing a full colour catalogue for each new exhibition. McClelland like to push the boundaries which allows DLD more creative freedom. They recently re-freshed the brand, creating a more dynamic, modern look across all print collateral, including brochures, event calendars and exhibition invitations. The suite of catalogues designed differ greatly, along with the subjects and styles within, but maintain an overall identity for the gallery. David Lancashire mentions: “Art direction and using a great photographer like John Gollings, as well as a good printer and choosing the right paper, all contribute to the reproduction of the artwork and a great end result.” We couldn’t agree more! DLD enjoys using HannoArt – Satin for its great printability, cost effectiveness and colour reproduction. Stephanie Mulder, Graphic Designer from DLD explains why. “We’ve found that HannoArt – Satin consistently produces great results, especially important when reproducing artwork. Another bonus is the stock’s environmental credentials, as the studio is always aware of trying to encourage the use of sustainable practice.” DLD have also introduced uncoated paper Grange Offset to contrast with the coated stock. The Sculpture Survey & Award 2012, 18 November 2012 – 14 July 2013 catalogue includes this sheet, chosen for its colour reproduction, ability to hold crisp detail, tactility and bulkiness. The identity and format for this catalogue required special treatment and stock selection to make it stand apart as the event is one of Australia’s most important outdoor sculpture exhibitions. In other words – it’s a big deal! Janet Laurence: The Alchemical Garden of Desire 18 November 2012 – 3 March 2013 and Aftermath: Landscape Photographs by John Gollings from Black Saturday 18 November 2012 – 3 March 2013 (both sewn and burst bound, with matt cello on the cover) are printed on HannoArt Satin and make up the suite of new designs. And for the exhibition invitations, the gallery now uses Barry Bleach Board 210gsm (with a gloss aqueous varnish on one side to make the colours pop and enhance the image detail) so the receiver has something more interesting to look at when the invite comes in the mail. As a whole, we really dig this new design direction. Makes for an enticing reason to drive down to Mornington. Road trip anyone? Sculpture_4 Sculpture_3  Sculpture_5 Sculpture_6 Sculpture_7

Buffalo Kraft illustrative poster

Title: Wheel ´O cheese
Agency: Seesaw Design (Melbourne)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Buffalo Kraft
Printed by: Bambra Press (Melbourne), 2 colour process – PMS 485 C and Black 6 C

´I see your Jarlsberg and raise you a little Pinot Noir´. Wine and cheese. Is it the perfect match? We think so! This illustrative poster is printed on Buffalo Kraft, the newest addition to the Buffalo range and complements our recent Buffalo Board promotion showcasing delicious recipe cards.

Buffalo Kraft is a natural looking brown Kraft paper and versatile packaging grade with FDA approval for direct food contact. For Seesaw Design in Melbourne, cheese and wine was the perfect match, so with this tasty inspiration in mind, they set out to create an illustrative piece that was loosely informative, matching specific wines with cheese.  After enjoying the Buffalo Board promotion so much, Seesaw were excited to create a second piece for the Buffalo range. From the onset because this paper FDA approved, it was obvious that this piece had to relate to the world of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) or hospitality, but it also needed to go that extra step. With gorgeous vintage and modern cheese label designs in mind, their inspiration came from the tongue-in-cheek style of info-graphics and the intricate details contained within them.

Buffalo Kraft_5

Jess Pigot from Seesaw says: “The brief came to us with the potential for foiling, embossing or any number of finishes. We found that the stock has so much character and personality, that it really doesn’t need a lot of finishes to make it look fantastic. I guess the lesson was a simple one… keep it simple!” The result is a small A6 parcel on Buffalo Kraft 80gsm, with a tablecloth graphic (suddenly our thoughts turned to a sunny Sunday afternoon picnic) wrapping around the middle like a belly band. Containing a series of unique and unusual folds, the parcel gradually reveals the artwork step by step, opening to a 450mm square poster. Kudos to Seesaw for this clever illusion. The final touch was physically drawing the entire piece, which enhances the raw, organic and handmade look and feel of the stock.

When we asked Jess what the studio liked about Buffalo Kraft, she was all smiles: “The stock was fantastic to work with. The print result was crisp and clean and the stock handled the colours really well. Strengthening the colours at press check stage can achieve great richness and a lovely rich black that is a great contrast to the colour of the stock. The warm colour allows for a completely different aesthetic to any artwork.”

Buffalo Kraft is an unbleached, natural brown Kraft paper. Featuring high tensile strength it’s perfect for sacks or bags containing foodstuffs, animal feed even ready-mix building materials. Buffalo Kraft is versatile and even comes in a range of envelopes. Lightweight with good opacity, it’s perfect for wrapping bread, chocolates or even the odd piece of Jarlsberg cheese. Yum!

Your K.W.Doggett Fine Paper specialist will be out to see you soon with a copy of this promo. Otherwise, please call our samples departments. If you have any specific packaging related questions, please call our dedicated packaging business development manager John Alipan on 0434 692 446 or email him

Buffalo Kraft_1

Buffalo Kraft_2

Buffalo Kraft_3

Buffalo Kraft_4